Vedi Wines



VEDI from the homonymous Italian word means to “see or to examine.”

VEDI is an investment and collaboration of a group of fine wine producers and it is operated by a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals that are committed to offering only the most beautifully crafted artisan wines to America, made primarily with indigenous varietals sourced from the vineyards that belong to its very members.

VEDI’s goal is to offer a more personalized service to its customers and adapting to the distributor’s needs rather than the customary opposite. VEDI represents the “extension” of the wine producers in the USA, their very own sales and marketing department. The result is a more streamlined, efficient operation that allows for a more proactive and flexible partnership.

VEDI offers the possibilities to US distributors large or small to interact directly with the wineries and exchange marketing ideas and share the responsibilities of growing consumer awareness in the field of fine wines.

VEDI is confident and proud to have developed a system that will directly transport the passion and love for cultivating beautiful wine, from its far away vineyards to the consumer.